Stromatolite Free Form S322

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Stromatolite Free Form Height: 3 Inches Weight: 12 Ounces Hardness: 7 Number: 3 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Capricorn Some facts about Stromatolite: Stromatolites are the fossil tumbled jewel nuggets. They tend to possess the energies as well as the frequencies of the Earth. Stromatolites are contemplated to be the structure or colonies of the blue-green algae They got selected for its renowned grounding forces. In the traditions, it is whispered that Stromatolite hidden powers message the chakras to open up and accept the positive incoming vibes of nature. Metaphysical Properties: Looks to the future. Accesses Akashic Record. Supportive during change. Relieves stress. Comforts the lonely. Assists earth healing. The powerful forces of this jewel nugget help its carrier to transform the self as well as be stronger to handle the life changes. Stromatolite is conceived to help its carrier to keep his health intact by renewing the overall wellness of his torso. Stromatolite is a gem pebble that is conceived to open the heart and root out the negative feelings that make the air heavy. Stromatolite is believed to create new hopes, enhances grace and lightheartedness and attune positive thinking, optimism expands the perspective from the heart. The grounding eminence of this jewel boulder helps its carrier to understand the deep and hidden messages of nature which serve him to lead the present life in a composed manner.