Pyrite Worry Stone P156

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Pyrite Worry Stone These Pyrite Worry Stones weigh approximately 1 ounce and measure approximately 1.5 inches in length x 0.4 inches in thickness. Pyrite possesses a defending quality and shields from negative energies. Keeps out all pollutants. A unique protector especially on the physical level - for those who do dangerous work. Keeps away all forms of negativity. Assist one in seeing behind the facades. Stimulates intellect and enhances memory. Encourages one to maintain health, intellectual and emotional well being. Because of the metallic luster and golden color, pyrite has sometimes been mistaken for gold leading to its nickname as “fool’s gold”. The mineral’s isometric crystals appear as cubes or pyritohedron (12 irregular pentagonal or five-sided faces). Pyrite has the same chemistry as marcasite, but a different structure. It is an iron disulfide in the sulfide group. It is a very common mineral found in many parts of the world. Corresponding astrological sign: Leo