One Tumbled Nuumite TNUM1

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ONE Tumbled Nuumite Stone. Each stone weighs approx. 18 to 20 grams (0.6 ounces) and measures approx. 25.4 to 33.02 mm (1 inch) in length. Nuumite is a grounding and protection stone attuned to the earth element. It is said to have been formed over 3 billion years ago. The vibrations of this stone enhance one’s intuition, assists in developing personal power along with developing one’s psychic ability of clairvoyance. Nuumite protects one’s aura. It gives a stronger connection to the true-self and is great to explore past lives. It helps heal the emotional body and reminds one that sometimes the most important thing one can do is to simply be. Zodiac Sign: All signs