Natural Multi-Colored Calcite with Hematite C349

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This multi-colored calcite with hematite weighs 2lbs and measures approx. 4.5in x 3.5in x 2in. This beautiful piece of calcite is from Mexico. This Calcite is extremely delicate when it comes out of the ground. To keep it from crumbling to pieces, it is quickly dipped in Muriatic Acid which causes the crystal to meed together creating a beautiful, stable, solid piece that can be displayed and enjoyed. The Muriatic Acid also gives the calcite a beautiful polished look. Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. By simply having a specimen of Calcite in a room it will clean all negative energy and increase the households energy levels. It removes stagnant energy. Calcite is an active crystal that speeds up development and growth physically, mentally and spiritually. Because of the variety of colours in calcite it will heal and energise all the chakras. Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.