Milky Quartz Lamp M95

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Milky Quartz Lamp This Milky Quartz Lamp weighs 2 pounds, 8.1 ounces. Its height, including the base, is 6.5 inches. The measurements of the Milky Quartz Crystal are 5 inches x 3.1 inches x 2.7 inches. The cord and bulb are included. The cord has an on/off switch. White Milky Quartz is also known as White Wisdom Quartz, Majestic Quartz, and Snow Quartz. Milky Quartz is known to amplify wisdom and sharpen the mind. It has the ability to relieve stress and anxiety, keeping away negative emotions. Milky Quartz heightens one's intuition giving a clear perspective towards life. Its healing energies help to calm the mind and assist with mental clarity. Milky Quartz activates the Crown Chakra and helps one connect to their Higher Self. A very effective spiritual healing crystal and a wonderful meditation stone that can assist in aligning all of the chakras.