Ibis Jasper Sphere (i15)

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(I15) Ibis Jasper Sphere. This sphere features an ibis pattern in earthy colors of dark brown, light brown, orange, and grey. It weighs 134 grams and measures 45.72 mm in diameter. Ibis Jasper teaches us all pieces are essential to the whole. It has a grounding and nurturing energy. It is calming and promotes peace and tranquility. Ibis Jasper eases restless thoughts. It helps one find happiness and contentment in what they have. Ibis Jasper assists with one's spiritual evolution. It breaks up negative energy blockages to allow energy to flow freely through the body. Meditate with Ibis Jasper to achieve a nonjudgmental state of mind where you do not condemn or judge others.  The Sphere, since ancient times, has been known as the superior shape. It allows for the energy of the stone to be dispersed out in all directions.  Chakra: All Chakras