Hematoid Quartz Freeform H25

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Hematoid Quartz Freeform. This freeform displays beautiful quartz with hematite inclusions. It weighs 402 grams and is 96.52 mm in height.  Metaphysical and Healing Properties: Hematoid Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite. It is a highly energetic piece that assists in removing negativity and also in transforming and transmuting this energy into a positive and pure universal light of love. The combination of Quartz and Hematite brings balance to the body and mind. It brings a unique clarity and understanding of emotions, helping to understand the difference between an unconscious and conscious reaction. Hematoid Quartz also assists when one is lacking in self-worth and self-esteem. Chakras: Primary-Root Chakra. Secondary-Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.