Copper Magnetic Bracelet w/Pentacle BCT16

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This Copper Magnetic Bracelet features a beautiful pattern of Pentacles and Crescent Moons. It features an antique copper look. The width of the band is 12.7 mm and it weighs 37 grams. The size of this bracelet is 73.66 mm across. The bracelet has 6 magnets on the inside of the band. The Metaphysical Properties of Copper: Copper is an energy conductor in spiritual energy. It conducts energies between people, crystals, and the spirit world. Copper enhances the properties of any crystal or mineral it encompasses or surrounds. It also has many healing properties. The Metaphysical Properties of Magnets: The Earth and the human body have their own electric and magnetic fields. It is thought the interactions between these fields have an effect on the body, both mentally and physically. Therefore, having a balance between the two is essential for the body and the mind. Magnetic therapy helps to maintain this balance, healing the body, and balancing the mind. Disclaimer: NET is not selling our Magnetic Copper Bracelets as a medical device or making any medical claims. Magnetic Bracelets should not be worn by young children, pregnant women, or people with electrical implants, pacemakers, or insulin pumps.