Candle Quartz Crystal

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This is the exact piece you are purchasing. It is the exact Candle Quartz featured in the photos. This Candle Quartz was hand-selected for its beauty, size, and unique features. It will make an excellent addition to your crystal collection. This beautiful piece is the perfect size to hold during meditation or to use in your energy work and crystal healing. This Candle Quartz point weighs 72 grams and is 63.5 mm in length. Metaphysical and Healing Properties: Candle Quartz has a sweet energy. These beautiful crystals will assist you in discovering your past lives. They are also known to help one access their Akashic Records. They have a nurturing feminine energy that can help one release emotions they are holding on to. Candle Quartz can bring a greater understanding of ourselves by helping us understand our emotions and our beliefs. Meditating with a Candle Quartz will help one hear their spiritual guide. It is a wonderful healing crystal that is especially helpful in relieving headaches. They are wonderful for therapy rooms and treatment rooms. Chakras: All Chakras