Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity Crystal Spell Kit KIT-WAP

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Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity Crystal Spell Kit Attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This kit includes the crystals, spell, and metaphysical supplies needed to begin your financial transformation. Stones Included in Stone Satchet: Clear Quartz Crystal-Amplifier and Center Stone Pyrite-Remedies Financial Hardship Ruby-Good Fortune Sunstone-Abundance Green Jade-Long term wealth Moss Agate-Business Growth Turquoise-Attracts Wealth Rose Quartz-Good Fortune Black Tourmaline-Luck Blue Kyanite-Money Stone Tiger's Eye-Wealth Amethyst-Prosperity Garnet-Courage, Hope, and Confidence Mojo Bag Consisting Of: Organic Cinnamon Chips Chamomile Ginger Root Organic Whole Cloves Garnet Chips Tiger's Eye Chips Rose Quartz Chips Black Tourmaline Candles: (1) Green spell candle for abundance and spell casting (1) Beeswax candle for wealth Documents: (1) Crystal Properties Card (1) Crystal Spell for Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity